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Swan Line.

The Swan Line is the result of a patented creative procedure that, starting from the dried endoskeleton of the prickly pear plant, returns to the eye and to the touch a particular weave of fibre, in a multiform and irregular network that transposes the substratum of veins of the plant itself on the leather goods or on the materials coupled with it.

The prickly pear tree grows in arid and hostile environments; rich in water inside, it offers its best fruits in the driest periods ofthe summer season.

The idea is to create a parallelism between the creative ability of the plant and the creation of a line of luxury accessories, the result of a start-up in the south of Italy, starting from the extraordinary vitality and tradition of the handicraft and creative fabric of Salento.

The prerogative of this line is the uniqueness of each garment, as the design is generated by the uniqueness of the plant part selected in the development of the material substrate.

The sense of naturalness is thus restored, removing the concept of industrial seriality. Results of meticulous ornamental work, gold or silver elements – making up the clasps, handles and feet – enrich the line.Their shape is that of a swan, emblem of eternal
love and elegance, but also of seduction in Greek mythology. Hence the name of the line of bags and jewellery.

Church of Santo Stefano Soleto